Colony2016.12.28Science Fiction

The Von Neumann drones have already established the initial outpost on the colony. My job is to survey the outpost and guide the construction of habitat domes. All the work will be done by the drones, they just need someone capable to manage the project.

The trip at light speed will take at least one hundred years but I won't feel the journey pass. My body won't even be coming along for the ride, it's only my mind that will be making the trip, or at least a snapshot of my mind.

Here's how it works...

The brain is scanned on an atomic level. Everything is transferred into software, my consciousness will be cloned. The software is tested before we send it out. That was done last week. It was strange talking to a software clone of my self but that comes with the job.

Today is going to be the last scan before the software is sent in patches by laser aimed directly towards the colony. Once the information reaches it's destination one hundred light years away, my clone will wake up on the colony ready to start his job. I will still be here on Earth, getting paid for the task my clone will perform. The clones don't live very long so it's a good deal I think.

"Ready to proceed Mr. Jones?"

"Yes, let's do it."

"Try to remain calm during the scan, it won't take long."

The scanner is pretty huge and gives me an uncomfortable itch on my head but I've done it countless times before so I can bear it. Won't be long now until I get the rest of my payment.

The last thing I remember is thinking about my huge paycheck but I was disappointed to wake up on another world. I guess that's how it works, I still retain all my memories from the scan, everything up until the moment it stopped. Next thing I know here I am ready to slave away for the next ten years on a world hundred of light years away with no way to get back.

The body I've been uploaded into is a crude caricature of what my original body was like. It's a robot body built to survive the harshest conditions to make sure I don't die from things like lack of oxygen or lack of food. It doesn't help that all my feelings are gone. All I have are the memories of how things were like.

There are no leisures out here, nothing to do but work and even that is boring. Surveying the construction of this colony doesn't take much, just make sure none of the drones malfunction and follow their protocols. I guess this is what I signed up for. I just hope the version of me that stayed back on Earth spent his money wisely, if he didn't he's probably already dead and I'm the only thing left.


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