Specter2016.11.26Science Fiction

The watch came from an old box I got in the mail. The box contained notebooks filled with the ramblings of a madman. It was my father's box and he left it for me after he disappeared earlier this year. The only worthwhile thing my deadbeat father left me was the watch, and with it I inherited his problems.

The watch looks like an ordinary pocket watch but it's so much more. According to the notes it has the ability to slow down time. But that's not the only thing it does, it also places you into another world.

I woke up in another body in a frozen cave. It was extremely cold there and I didn't have enough clothes to survive. Luckily my body didn't feel the same as my real body. I was barricaded by the snow in the cave for several hours. The last thing I remembered from my world was taking the watch out of the box and holding it in my right hand. One moment I was in my room and the next I was in the cave.

After a few hours of sitting still hoping to jump back into my original body I started to dig through the snow. I dug through eight meters of the wall until I saw sunlight. A massive blizzard blowing outside kept me from getting out. With nothing left to do but wait I tried to fall asleep shivering in the far corner of the cave.

The darkness was unbearable. It was so intense it felt like staring into the sun. It was as if I fell into a black hole, it was difficult to move around, it felt like I was swimming in tar. There was someone in here with me. I felt eyes all over me. The darkness was enough to drive me insane. The fear flowed through me like a tidal wave and suddenly my eyes opened.

I was back in my room, the watch dropped out of my hand. Only a few seconds have passed since I was last looking at it. Those seconds felt like hours to me. The memory of the cave haunted me, sending shivers down my spine. I've been afraid of touching the watch again since that one time. The freezing cave I can handle but that dark place I can never go back to. It was like hell itself.

My fathers notes documented another world behind the watch. He wrote records of different villages and civilizations that he visited. He was called a specter by the natives and he was feared and respected as a powerful wizard.

It took me weeks to decipher most of his notes. The notes on the mirror world I could understand but his notes on the dark place was complete nonsense, it was gibberish that I could not decipher but I'm starting to suspect why he went insane.

I also started to document my own experiences. My notes on the cave were very thorough, I even made some sketches. My notes on the dark place however was like a window into madness. I felt like I might be crazy trying to recall those memories.

I had another nightmare. I was back in the dark place and it was extremely hot. I saw a massive creature above me, it was poking around in my head. Reading my thoughts, feeding on my memories. I tried to write my dream down but my hand wouldn't move. It was shaking as if it was frozen. I had a strong desire to look at the watch again, but I resisted the urge. It felt like I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I had to leave my house to avoid looking at the watch again.

I had to go back, I had to make sure that I wasn't insane. The one thing I realized is that time flows differently in the mirror world. It was spring time in the cave when I came back. I could now leave the cave and explore my surroundings. I walked a beaten path to come across a settlement by a lake with some mountains in the distance.

The people were naturally curious about me. They called me the word my father wrote in his notes. I was a specter, one they've never seen before. It appears that I'm not the only visitor from another world, there are many specters that came to visit them before, my father among them.

I was surprised to find out that there was no language barrier for me. I was able to understand everything anyone said to me. This was surprising because there were apparently multiple languages that different people spoke. They all wanted my help with things to do. I agreed to clear a mountain path for them. The entire thing felt like a strange game to me. They knew I had powers at my disposal and I even felt a strong aura around me, I had nothing fear.

I enlisted the help of a guide to take me to the mountain path that needed clearing of what I assumed were some kind of pests. Little did I know that I'd be fighting big green monsters. The locals called them something else but I knew I was fighting orcs when I saw them come over the hills. Strangely I wasn't afraid even though my guide fled.

I extended my arm like I was some kind of wizard from a story trying to cast a fireball. A beam of energy left my arm and shot at the horde charging me. The explosion was massive but after I fired one bolt of energy I couldn't fire any more.

Before I was destroyed by the remainder of the horde a strange monster emerged from my shadow and scared the horde away. It reminded me of the creature from the dark place. It was then that I realized I was possessed by something.

I was back in my room, only a few minutes have passed since I held the watch in my hands again. No nightmares yet but I had to write down my experience. The whole thing read like a cheap fantasy novel and I still didn't know if I was crazy or not.

I was dreading the darkness hoping it doesn't come to take me. The watch was on the table, my notes were scattered on the floor. I was beginning to understand why my father went insane. Falling asleep was difficult that night but eventually the darkness came to claim me.

I met a demon that night. He told me of his plans for me. In exchange for my life force just like that of my fathers he would keep me safe in the mirror world. I was addicted so I had no choice but to make the deal. The next time I went to the mirror world as a specter I would be ready to defend myself. I would be prepared and I would be ready to have a wonderful adventure in another world, anything to escape my life in this world.


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