Terminal2016.11.16Science Fiction

We were being filtered through the system. At first, we were divided by things like our age and gender. Then the filters went further, separating us by our culture, our opinions and things like where we like to spend our vacations to where we like to shop for clothes. The filters started to get crazier with each turn. Somehow the machines automating the filter knew how to divide us until I was the only one left from my group.

I was taken through what seemed like a scanning device. I was suspended in the air while all sort of radiation washed over me. I felt my bones get readjusted to their proper place. It was as if my entire skeleton was realigned. The entire procedure felt very pleasant.

Finally I was left alone in a white room with nothing but two chairs, facing each other, planted right in the center. I was instructed telepathically (or so it seemed to me) to sit on one of the chairs and wait until someone came to see me.

I was with my thoughts for nearly an hour until someone arrived. That was enough time to not have me too worried that something was wrong but enough time to have my suspicions raised.

The woman that entered was someone that matched my preference. I would be instantly in love with her if I didn't know any better. She sat in the chair opposite mine.

"How did you get here?" I asked.

"I came through the door."

"I don't see any doors here, do you?"

She flashed her card at me.

"I have the keys."

We sat in silence for a moment until she spoke up.

"So what do you want?"

"Want? I want to go home that's what I want."

"Home? What is that like?"

"You know damn well what that's like, your kind destroyed it remember?"

"What do you mean by my kind?"

"Don't play games with me, I know who you really are under that disguise."

"What am I like?"

"You're a monster!"

She released an amused sort of laugh, it was controlled and well practiced.

"I'm no monster. I'm the same as you."

"Then why did you destroy our planet and brought us all here? Where are the rest of my people?"

"You shouldn't worry about others before worrying about yourself."

"What do you want from me?"

"We want nothing from you. The question is what do you want?"

"I said I want to go home. I want it all to go back to the way it was before your destroyers came."

"Is that really all you want? You want the past? Answer carefully now"

"What do you mean? What are you offering here?"

"We offer you whatever it is you ask of us. That is all."

"So if I want my old life back you can give that to me?"

"Sure we can do that. We can give you your home back with everything the way you remember. But is that what you want?"

"That's all I really want."

"Very well, you may go."

A door flashed open in the room. I looked at the woman as she sat still in her chair, not moving an inch. It was like she was frozen, her mind was gone.

"Hello? You still there?"

She made no reply her stillness was eery. She sat there like a doll unblinking, her smile still pressed on her blank looking face.

I made my move toward the door before it closed.

The air hit me at once, it reminded me of home. There I was again, like nothing had changed. I walked to my window to see a city alive and well. Everything was back to normal.

Everything was alright again. After I confirmed on my phone that my old job was waiting for me with my debts and everything that I hated. My planet wasn't destroyed anymore. The wave of regret hit me.

I regretted not asking for more, not asking for a new start. I regretted leaving that room and being so arrogant with that woman. I did want my old life back when I had nothing and now that I had everything back I didn't want it anymore.

I went to sleep praying silently for the destroyers to come again and wipe this dirty planet away so that I could start again, so that next time I won't miss my chance.

Sleep did not come as swiftly as the destroyers.

If only I knew that they were creators.


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