Unplugged2016.09.28Free Writing

A man once flooded with entertainment is found hopelessly lost when unplugged. Tossing and turning, restless in his bed, turning the pages of a book that he has no interest in other than passing the time.

The unplugged man is thrown into the cauldron of his thoughts, boiling away layer after layer of his subconscious. What is such a man to do with no guidance from his machine gods?

The search engines that paved the pathways for him are no longer available. Now he has to seek guidance from others and from himself. Never before did he have to confide his dirty secrets to strangers. So the unplugged man sits and waits, agitated and alone - completely naked.

Believe it or not, the unplugged man is blessed. For he has rediscovered himself once more. He found the threads and how they weaved a picture of his ideal self. The unplugged man is now realizing his true potential. The man now knows his rights from his wrongs. He sees himself clearly, without any filters. He is free.

Now, the only thing left for the unplugged man to do is to plug himself back in.


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